Star Wars: Possesion

Echos of the Force
Adventure Log

Galactic Stardate 02.23.2010

Jett, Reis, Ecko, and IG-001B are now together. Traveling to a rocky and uncharted patch of space called the Unknown Regions. After escaping a ferocious yet one sided fight Against Merthis Fett and his Mandalorian cronies they escape unscathed finding Reis on Onderon who joins them to travel abroad as Jessica talks him into traveling with a group would be safer then taking his modified sith Starfighter by himself to Coruscant.

IG and Ecko learn more about biological life as they record and learn all that they can from these mortal life forms curious about the galaxy with a mysterious voice that seems to possibly guide Iggy’s way and path.

With their companions, Jessica Morne, Brandon Flynn, and Zayla Prinn they set out to seek their fortunes in a rather lucrative business deal that could be beneficial and prove dangerous in a galaxy on the brink as they are being stalked by dark forces and those who just want to make a coin.

They take their first step into a larger world…


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