The Ashbringer


Name: Reis: The Ashbringer (Pronounced Rayce) Race: Human, Class: Defected Sith, Home world: Found on Corellia at age 4. Affiliation: None

Stats: Strength: 16 Dexterity: 18 Constitution: 14 Intelligence: 18 Wisdom: 15 Appearance: 13

Weapons: Lightsaber (black with bandages around the handle) Interesting flaw that Reis has chosen not to mend. Rather than completely destroying what it cuts through, Reis’ black lightsaber leaves a portion of the cut material in a dust-like form that resembles ash. Reis uses form IV of lighsaber combat, Ataru, however he is competent with Shien, more so Djem so, as he frequently fights other saber users. Mask of the Ashbringer- Sith Mask that Reis stole allowing him to see through the force. Amulet-Makes my dark stuff even more awesome, but drains life force of user.

Armor (clothing): Black long coat with midnight blue collar and inside. His loosely buttoned coat shows a grey long-sleeved, padded shirt underneath. Most of the right sleeve of the jacket and shirt have been torn off, revealing a tattoo, possibly of Sith origin. It is blue and black flames, spiraling upward around Reis’ arm. Very faded light blue pants resembling jeans over padded pants similar to the shirt. Black boots, silver earring in left ear. Cotoris arm guards. Overall the clothing provides light armor capabilities and looks to be of high quality, however is extremely well worn and tattered in areas, especially the end of the coat. (I’ll be drawing him for everyone.)

Special Abilities: He’s the goddamn Ashbringer.

Force Powers (only applicable to Force Users):

Force Destruction: Build up massive amount of dark energy and launch it from the arm. Very draining, requires great concentration, can only be used a few times before full rest is required. (Once a day.) Vaporizes those who it touches leaving only what looks like scattered ash. Reis’ incarnation takes on the appearance of black flames, though as they are not actual flames, they lack the ability to set anything ablaze.

Force Fear: With an intimidating gaze Reis uses sheer force of will to strike intense fear into his enemies. They may cower, run, or simply loose focus, depending on the powers of the user and defender.

Force Healing: Accelerates natural healing process.

Force Jump: Awesome jumping.

Force Lightning: Fire blue and black lightning from hands.

Force Speed: See the world and the entities in it in slow motion, allowing Reis to dodge attacks easily and attack quicker with greater accuracy.

Spear of Midnight Black: Form a pitch black spear of dark energy and fling it at an enemy.

Credits: A small savings, something akin to $2000 dollars. Reis is known to do all sorts of jobs if he needs money, or to simply take it from the scum that he has recently killed. Also, pie making materials, from Lydean.

Vehicle (if applicable): A small fighter that is quick and agile like Reis himself. He has outfitted it with a hyperdrive. However in being modified for his small ship, some of the effectiveness has decreased and longer voyages are a bit more cumbersome in the area of time and comfort.

Theme Music: Mezame, by Kajiura Yuki.


For those who are aware, Reis has a long and interesting history, and it actually effects his activities in this campaign, not that he really knows it.

As many of us know, after the events of the Innocent Nightmare, Reis along with the other heroes traveled to Eberon via a portal capable of altering them drastically, even turning Donovid from human to halfling. While Reis did not exit this portal with the others, it still effected him in a way. The explosion of black that sent the other three back into the portal and created their doubles also entered the portal, and created a double of Reis, who, still under the portal’s altering effects was reverted to his 3 year old state.

The original Reis went on adventuring for 10 years via his time-fuck from the gods portal before finally making it to Eberon. However this time-fuck portal was never designed for use by a child, and thusly 3 year old Reis was flung through space, rather than time, and ended up in a drastically different existence from his own.

Child Reis ended up on the planet Corellia, where he was found by Darth Rive one year later. Having no doubt sensed something interesting in the force Darth Rive discovered the 4 year old in an alley of a city, covered in the blood of another street urchin who had tried to rob Reis of his meager food store. Recognizing his potential, Rive took Reis and began training him to use the Dark Side.

Reis took to combat training well, and within a few years, Rive began giving him special attention, hoping that Reis’ abilities would compliment well those of Darth Blight and Darth Scythe. However, as Reis was sent out into the rest of the galaxy to perform missions and be tested he started to doubt what he had been taught about how the world works.

Two years ago at the age of 19, Reis became fed up with the Sith, and during one of his assassination mission/tests, he escaped.

Since then Reis has been relatively on the run, as the Sith are hunting him for his betrayal. However this isn’t much of a problem, as Reis has recently begun hunting the Sith whenever he has the opportunity.

Day to day though he will go around, surviving, and brutally murdering the scum of the universe, without any regard for the law. And while Reis has no conscious memories of his Innocent Nightmare life it does tend to haunt his nightmares, contributing to the unconscious decisions Reis makes that render him similar to his original self.

Reis is not widely known outside the Sith and those involved in his activities, however those who do know of Reis have given him a nickname/title because of his lighsaber flaw, and his Force Destruction Technique. He is called, The Ashbringer.

Oh yeah, and Reis loves Pie. I mean really loves pie.


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