Brandon Flynn

The Ex-Soldier Smuggler


He stands about six feet high wearing body armor mixed with your typical smugger wear. Strapped to his leg is a big blaster that looks like a real world Star Wars version of a double barrel shot gun with two launcher carbines and a big handle with a double trigger. His hair is a sandy red and he’s got blue eyes, several scars adorn his face most notably the one that looks like someone tried to cut his face off with a light saber that streaks down his left cheek.

The shoulder pads of his armor are orange and seem to be padded, whether they are actually just pads or a deception to throw enemies off from the protective armor underneath remains to be seen. He usually wears gloves with the fingers cut out, knee high boots and combat clothing that is sort of a bluish gray color.


Brandon was born on Corellia about forty years ago during the Long Peace. At 18 he joined the advanced security forces of Corsec after losing is parents to a Rodian serial killer named Archon Gen as he hoped that Gen wouldn’t leave Corellia and he could find him and gain a bit of vengeance but that proved fruitless so he decided to join the military. A soldier for the Republic at twenty-five he saw action in small skirmishes in such things as planetary civil wars and trade disputes, his best work was the Republics hit and run tactics on the Smugglers Ring where they killed almost half of the Hutt’s main pirate source before the Battle of Nar Shadaa. A big Republic move to wipe out the Smugglers Moon with weapons of mass destruction, missiles and blaster canons that could wipe out huge sections of the city moon. On the surface where they were sent down to kill any remaining survivors, the 501st Republic Trooper brigade slaughtered countless dangerous criminals, several Bounty Hunters however survived after taking a large numbers of troopers lives just to find the secret locations of their ships in the under levels of the city. One such bounty hunter was Merthis Fett who was waiting for Flynn as he came in adorned in his trooper armor, he set off a bomb and blew up Flynn and about seven other men in his squad. Thought dead, the Republic abandoned the campaign after losing to many men in the under city where the guerilla tactics of the survivors proved to much for them.

Brandon woke up in a dark room that was a makeshift medlab with a medical droid poking and prodding him. Archon Gen was in the room, explained that the Republic had left him there thinking him dead and when Flynn rose in anger to attack the Rodian he found himself bound to the table. Archon stood over him and mocked him, telling hims parents were corrupt business people who took from his family when creating their chain of famous Corellian botiques and restaurants. Gen’s family had come from Rodia in Corellia in hopes of starting a new life and because of the Flynn’s had to live in Corellia’s country side making a living off of crops, farming land not a huge strong point for Rodians.

Flynn, not knowing what to think about that decided that it didn’t matter eventually and cursed him for killing his parents. At that moment Gen just side and activated an electroshock torture device as he walked out and once again escaping Brandon’s grasp. Brandon woke up two days later in the care of a Zeltron named Zayla Prinn. She cared for him and made sure he was happy as is the Zeltron way and as they got to know one another while he was healing from his wounds he realized the plight of the Smugglers. That sometimes some people don’t have a choice but to live a life of crime. He decided that perhaps it was time to change careers. The Republic after all, didn’t even check for survivors and had left him there after trying to wipe out the population of Nar Shadaa.

He and Prinn went into business together, becoming very close friends and on and off again lovers. For the last fifteen years Flynn has been living on the fringes of space, taken advantage of the Treaty of Nal Hutta and making quick cash all over the place on his ship The Echo a very fast Corellian Freighter with some illegal enhancements. Zayla remains faithfully his partner and together they have wracked up quite a reputation. All while Brandon remains focused on finding Archon Gen and finally repaying him for his crimes.

Brandon Flynn

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