Curzon Shen-Do

"Jedi Sentinel Master"


He stands about 6 feet and 2 inches with stark light blonde-white hair pulled back in a pony tail. He wears a several pieces of body armor rather then the traditional robes of the Jedi and has hawk like facial features with piercing blue eyes. His clothing is several shades of brown including the armor and the hilt of his Light Saber is artistic in design marking his connection to his home world of Alderaan.


Like all Jedi Curzon was plucked from his family at a very early age in his childhood on Alderaan and brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. A strong affinity to the Force and his dedication to the ways of the Jedi brought him easy access to the Force early on as he had a strong affinity towards the balance that the Force can provide. Becoming equally skilled in light saber combat and force ability he trained in the Sentinel aspect of the force becoming a brilliant tactician and able combatant when he reached full Jedi Knighthood at twenty five when he single handedly stopped a civil war on Artus Prime between two rival political factions and brought them under a new banner and a single faction through a series of strategic defeats on both sides to show them that through their hatred and anger towards each other they did not have the foresight to keep an eye on attacks from unseen enemies. While his masters were concerned at his hoax being such an elaborate lie that he could be leaning towards the dark side, their questioning of him and his defense that he did what was necessary to bring peace they were convinced he was a true guardian of the Light.

He continued to do good works across the galaxy being a heroic symbol while sticking to his unorthodox methods, such as the choice to wear body armor instead of traditional Jedi robes due to his constant assistance in trying to stop warring republic citizens, rival families, trade disputes, border confrontations and other things always staying dedicated to the light and never faltering. At the age of fifty he as finally made to recieve not one but two Padawans. Their names were Venturi and Orion Kanis. The Jedi Council felt an unorthodox Jedi Master could be given the unorthodox task of training two Padawans who were also twin brothers which could possibly provide problems were they to be seperated as the Force was strong in them both and being twins they had an incredible Force bond and trained better together then apart.

For ten years he trained them in the ways of the living Force, showed them that sometimes a little lie can bring a world of truth that sometimes it was necessary to force people into peace instead of trying to talk them into it. Orion was a true student, taking his master and the Force seriously even if he did not agree with telling lies and deceptions he saw no evil in his master and took everything that was taught to him in stride and focused on the aspects of the Force he would need for his career as a Jedi. He fashioned himself as a Jedi Guardian as his training went on even if his master would remind him of the joys of being a Sentinel and a Jedi Watchmen.

Venturi however, found life as a Jedi boring, always bringing peace to war instead of smashing the side that seemed the most ‘evil’ or ‘oppressive’. Also training to be a Jedi Guardian like his brother he would give into his anger to much and almost caused the defeat of several of Curzon and Orion’s attempts to bring peace between warring nations. Then one date the inevitable happened. During a peace talk Venturi growled in anger and struck down the leader of one of the rival factions causing the planet of Ryloth, home of the Twi’leks to continue the clan wars that were happening at the time. Curzon, Orion, and Venturi had to leave as fast as possible as the Twi’lek clans who were under the leader slain wanted their heads and Ryloth was left alone for a year until Curzon and Orion, now a Jedi Knight, returned without Venturi who had left the Jedi Order and went rogue, turning to the dark side and becoming a Dark Jedi Assassin. A blow that hit Curzon hard, he had never failed before and even though Orion was a success, he still hated himself for letting Venturi slip.

Curzon and Orion now a team travel the galaxy continuing the work of Jedi still ever watchful for the lost Kanis who may come back to avenge himself against Curzon who recommended that Orion recieve ten more years of Padawan training to the age of thirty under a different master, the reason he grew angry and left the order as he wanted more power.

Curzon Shen-Do

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