Darth Blight

Hand of Soren


He is a Nagai marked with Sith tatoos, mostly black, across his body to give himself a menacing appearance. His red eyes burn his scary visage into the minds of the meek and weak as he carries what is called a Lightstaff-a Light saber with an elongated hilt to be wielded like a staff weapon. His stark white skin and jet black hair complete his image as a powerful Sith warrior who is the direct second in command from Darth Soren his Sith Master. Black body armor adorns his chest and shoulders and legs with pieces of cloth hanging from the armor to mark himself as a Sith.


Born on Korriban alongside Darth Scythe and trained in the ways of the Sith for his entire life Blight became a powerful combatant in the Force and built a Lightstaff to accelerate his high combat abilities. His saber combat skills were above and beyond that of the other Sith as Soren named him his “Hand” when he reached the age of maturity. Unlike his people who believed in honor and battle Blight only believed in strength and the ability to destroy such enemies and is a creature of pure hatred for the Jedi and everything they represent. Beat into his head by Soren from early childhood he has become extremely able-bodied and good at killing even some of the best Jedi swordsmen in the galaxy.

He secretly covets Darth Scythe who is Darth Soren’s top Assassin and lover and he and Scythe have an affair behind their Masters back. They do not know if Soren knows or even cares as Darth Soren’s ultimate goals take precedence over his relationship with Scythe and everything else. The destruction of the Jedi being the main focus which provides a good distraction for Blight’s and Scythes forbidden relationship and for other things. Such as Darth Blight training Venturi Kanis in the ways of the darkside of the Force, turning him into a Dark Jedi Force Assassin. Amazed at Venturi’s massive control of the Force he trained the fallen Jedi in secret to use the Force at its most destructive limits and training him in Juyo, his own favorite form he had adapted to usage with his Lightstaff.

With Darth Scythe as his lover and Venturi Kanis, his highly powerful Dark Jedi Assassin wreaking havoc for him throughout the galaxy he hopes to be able to have the two help him destroy Soren so he can take his place as the new Sith Master, however there is one road block: Darth Soren’s brother, Darth Rive.

Darth Blight

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