Darth Rive

Malevolent Sith Lord


Tall and lanky with long white hair he has a robotic red eye and a robotic arm due to a major accident after sparring with his brother Soren and taunting him to use his rage against him. Pieces of his skin seem to be missing showing a bit of bone and muscle here and there with open wounds that look quite painful. Tends to wear a helmet of some goat like animal when performing Sith rituals. Wheres red and black robes.


Rive is Soren’s older brother by at least twenty years. Soren who was a fallen Jedi who returned to Coruscant after falling to the dark side and murdered their parents taking his baby brother with him to Korriban where he fashioned him as a powerful Sith warrior and then arranged his own defeat at the hands of his brother which cost him the loss of his eye and right arm so that Soren could be established as Dark Lord of the Sith, and in turn took on two children born on Korriban, named them Blight and Scythe and trained them both to be powerful Sith Lords in their own right.

The leader is indeed Soren but in reality it is likely Rive who controls the Sith movements, manipulating his brother how he wants through mastery of the deepest of the Sith secrets. Constanty chiding Soren for decisions he considers horrible like taking Scythe as a lover when she was of appropriate age and what targets he should be hitting across the galaxy. Soren usually threatens his brother with a light saber and Rive shuts his mouth as part of the manipulation.

Rive’s whispers into the ears of Blight through Sith dreams and nightmares have inspired Blight to take it upon himself to start planning the downfall of Soren as Rive works to establish a working Sith order.

Darth Rive

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