Darth Scythe

"Deadly Sultry Sith Assassin"


A twi’lek as proven by her two head appendages that stretch down her back she is also covered from heat to toe in black Sith Tatoos that go with her already stark red skin. Wearing a black leather top and bottom with cloth hanging from her belt her scary image struck fear into the hearts of her targets while also being alluring and sensual she used to her advantage when fighting Jedi. Wielding a crimson light saber as well as a short saber in the fashion of a sword and dagger assassin the had two hilts that hung on either side of her black belt. Here eyes were also red, the usual mark of a darksider. Her main Lightsabers handle was of a rocky material she carved on Korriban as the short saber was made of normal metal carbons prevalent of ninety percent of lightsabers.


Born on Korriban, just like Darth Blight was trained from birth by Soren and Rive and shaped into a powerful Sith assassin and while Blight was Sorens hand Scythe was Sorens dagger. Executing political figures, Jedi Masters, and other important targets throughout the galaxy and leaving no trace she had ever been there she did her job efficiently to please her master Darth Soren who was also her main lover when she was of age. Her love for him ran deep as she saw him as the galaxies answer to all of the chaos.

Any other man who dare to make advances at her usually ended up with the loss of their arms or head as she would kill Sith soldiers on a whim if they dared look at her with lust in their eyes. The only other man who touched her was Darth Blight whom she also loved and together they entered into an affair and the training of a fallen Jedi, Venturi Kanis, to forge into a Dark Jedi weapon to possibly use against Soren someday.

However Scythe has always found her loyalties torn between Blight and Soren and constantly tries to talk him out of his plan as she doesn’t know when and if the time came if she would stand with Soren or stand with Blight. And like Blight she has an extreme fear of Sorens brother, Darth Rive, a powerful Sith Lord.

Darth Scythe

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