Darth Soren

Dark Lord of the Sith


Tall, powerful, built like a brick. He stands at least six and a half feet tall and is completely bald as his skin is light and adorned with scars and his eyes carry with them an unheard of fury and malice. He adorns himself in a full suit of black body armor with twin lightsabers and a black hood with a flowing cloak. With no hair on his head that adds to his imposing demeanor, no sith Tatoos except for the Black four point stars that seem to stretch their points from each edge of his eye lids.


Taken by his brother at a young age from their parents he witnessed Rive slay his parents who did nothing to deserve it. They loved their sons being an older couple when Soren was born they had considered him quite a blessing as Rive was already of age and joined the Jedi Order, Soren would be the one they could raise to adulthood and leave the family fortune to when they would be well in their seventies when he grew up. Rive however, fell to the dark side and returned home and killed them both with no provocation, and not even saying anything to them. Soren who was three years old at the time was scarred for life. Rive took him to Korriban to start his training in the ways of the dark side of the force, fashioning him into a weapon for forty patient years in which during that time Soren took two apprentices of his own and raised and trained them, Darth Blight and Darth Scythe and a collection of fallen Jedi came to be their troops and soldiers gathering quite a force to them on Korriban during that time.

Rive drove anger into him reminding him of his crime against their parents constantly to drive his younger brother to madness and when the time was right Rive organized their battle for control of the Sith and Soren won according to Rive’s design as Rive goaded him the entire fight, making him angrier and angrier. The troops needed to see power and strength. Following a Sith Lord like Rive they had become disillusioned and had started conspiring, with Soren as a clear strong leader they would be under better control. Soren fought through Rives powerful dark side abilities, even a powerful surge of Force Lightning and cut off his brothers arm and ripped his eye out with his gauntleted hand. Rive feigned extreme pain but in reality his ultimate plan came to fruition and on the inside he knew he had succeeded in creating the Dark Lord of the Sith their people needed.

Soren took Darth Scythe as his lover then when she reached the age of appropriate maturity, a choice that Rive disapproved of, and used he to eliminate targets of his choice across the galaxy using anywhere from gruesome to subtle assassination techniques. Soren made Blight is right hand man as he was his best warrior and bested several Sith trainees at once in saber combat with his Lightstaff.

Soren consolidated his power with an extreme military might and hundreds of willing Dark Jedi and Sith acolytes that served as pawns for his attacks on important Jedi and Republic targets as he wants the galaxy for himself, much to Rives chagrin as the Sith Lord watches his brother break the deal and promises between them that they would focus on further consolidation of power and not yet dare attack the Jedi Order. Unbeknownst to Soren, Scythe and Blight begin their affair and the training of their own Dark Jedi apprentice, Venturi Kanis due to the visions in their dreams produced by Lord Rive.

Darth Soren

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