The Human Replica Droid with an evolving personality.


Name: Evolution Complex Humanoid Kinetic Overdrive aka ECKO Defense Overide: Annihilation Range Alpha aka DOARA

Race: HRD human replica droid

Class: Advanced Humanoid Adaptable Unit Omega

Homeworld: Unknown. Stolen by Holowan Mechanicals

Affiliation: None


Strength: 12

Dexterity: 17

Constitution: 14

Intelligence: 18 (But not fully accessible yet.)

Wisdom: 15

Appearance: 16

Weapons: ECHKO has no weapons available, and currently does not hold any fighting software in her database in order to know how to utilize said weapons. However, DOARA’s database is different. When the DOARA is active, four weapons emerge. Two blasters, individually located in the “thigh” area of the body emerge. Small, tactic missles are stored in her form arms as well. Within her back is a generator that produces a small deflector shield to surround DOARA when in full defense mode. When DOARA is activated, full defensive and combat abilities emerge.

Armor (clothing):

Special Abilities:

1.) DOARA. It is activated by a voice password, however the password was lost and is currently unknown. Rumor has it that the password is rooted deep somewhere in the ECKO program. In tense situations or if someone hacks into ECKO without tact, they have a high chance of setting off the DOARA program. DOARA does not have Int, App, or Str but rather a fully invested Dex, Con and Wis.

2.) Hacking. ECHKO uses it’s intelligence and powerful processor to hack into electronics. Stored near the “ear” cavaties, are a series of wires with ends that can alter themselves to fit in almost any electronic opening. A “head phone” looking accessory protects the ear cavaties, a prone area upon her body.

3.) Remote Ship Access. Echko has the capability to remotely communicate with her “ship” counterpart. This allows for basic flying capabilities so that the ship can lock onto her location and autopilot there. Also, Echko can wirelessly access the ship’s video features, so she can “see” what the ship sees and pilot it herself for some situations. Doing so leaves half of her processor invested in the ship, thus leaving her main body more prone and slower in function.

4.) Scanning System. ECHKO’s visual sensors can pick up and scan organic/biological lifeforms, including partially organic lifeforms. They also have an electronic mode, in which she can “see” and pin point electric signatures. This helps her find not only things to hack, but power sources which to draw power from. She can drain power from an electrical source this way, to help fuel her own body (which does require charging at times) OR the reverse effect, in which she transfers her power or power from another source, into another object.

5.) MISC. Accessories. Echko’s finger tips can take samples from the air or material sources, to compare and identify substances. Contained in her right palm is a projector which can emerge, producing holographic images. Within her she can record video and audio. Also, upon her feet or “shoes” are small boosters, which do not allow her to fly but help her jump. Boosters are rarely activated, due to power consumption.

6.) Anti-Scanning Fields. While ECHKO already fools most scanners into believing she is organic, due to her parts being synthetic despite electronic, her Anti-Scanning Field, ASF, is also in effect to help protect her against some of the most advanced scans. This field is also around the ship, Initium as well- it being an extension of ECHKO.

Force Powers (only applicale to Force Users): N/A

Credits: None. Although hacking credits however…

Vehicle (if applicable): Herself. It’s called, “Initium” which means “Beginning.”

Themsong: Carmelldansen



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