IG-001B (Iggy)


Name: IG-001B “Iggy”

Race: Droid

Class: IG Series Prototype

Homeworld: Unknown

Affiliation: None

Stats: Strength: 18 Dexterity: 18 Constitution: 15 Intelligence: 13 Wisdom: 17 Appearance: 7

Weapons: Bladed Electrostaff, twin blaster rifles (back), thermal detonators x2 (thighs), vibroblades x2 (hands)

Armor (clothing): Body is coated in a Cortosis alloy giving limited resistance to blaster/lightsabers. Electrostaff is similarly alloyed through with a far greater amount giving it almost complete resistance to lighsabers and energy weapons,

Special Abilities:

Overclock: Iggy can overclock his system to enhance his Str and Dex for a temporary amount of time. After the overclock he takes an equal decrease in his Str and Dex for a period of time as his system cools down.

Full-motion Joint System: Iggy can dislocate and reengage his joints at will allowing him, for example, to fight with his arms behind his back with just as much dexterity as from in front.

Full Spectrum Scanning System: Iggy possesses a variety of visual filters allowing to see into the IR and UV spectrum as well as night vision capabilities though only one filter . He can also telescope his vision several times and

Recon Drone: Iggy keeps a small recon drone in his chest cavity. It possess a repulsor unit and can feed video directly into his vision. It possesses a limited scanning suite including telescopic lenses and IR filters.

Cloaking System: Iggy can cover himself in a reflective field that renders him completely invisible. Movement can cause a ripple effect which may give away his position but otherwise he is invisible to all standard methods of detection. IR scans can still pick up his latent heat. Fifteen minute timer before a recharge is required.

Force Powers (only applicale to Force Users):

Credits: Iggy has a private account of around 10,000 credits from his bounty work, not really having much to spend it on.

Vehicle (if applicable): The Initium/Himself

Theme Music: Monster – Skillet/Afterlife – Avenged Sevenfold


IG-001B (Iggy)

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