Jessica Morne

The Tie that Binds


She stands about five and a half feet, wearing a black and white Jedi outfit, a white and black saber hilt hangs from her belt. Her hair tied back prepared for battle. A sort of scorpion type of necklace adorns her neck.


Jessica is the descendent of Celeste Morne, the famed Jedi who supposedly took the Muuir Talisman which contained the spirit of an ancient Sith Lord and has put herself in permanent stasis as the Talisman makes her immortal. In honor of her ancestor she wears a similar necklace fashioned to look like the Muuir talisman and has a similar mission to contain the dark side energies with in it using her very life to do so in a constant battle the dark side trying to take over her senses and her very being.

Born at the Jedi Enclave on Tatooine her mother died in child birth and her father is unknown she is alone in the galaxy besides her Jedi family. A close friend of the Kanis twins she has distanced herself from them since Venturi’s fall to the dark side.

Jessica Morne

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