Lydean Monn

Powerful Dark Side Alchemist


Bearing the brown skin significant of her people, Lydean Monn is a Zabrak as made apparent by the horns that jut from the top of her head. Her skin a light color and the horns red that come from her head surrounded by her long black hair which is braided and very long. She has two lightsabers that she wields like tonfas. She has a black leather top to cover her chest and black pants and boots with a black belt. Her lips are a black color as well as her black gloves, red eyes to match her red horns.


Darth Rives other apprentice that he trained in secret while training his brother. A Zabrak from Iridonia she was taken from her home by Rive through the cunning use of slavers. Forced to be an expert engineer on the asteroid belt called the Smugglers Run she worked constantly repairing ships and droids as she grew up while certain body guards hired by Rive made sure that no man dared to try to ruin her. For a time she had a boyfriend for a couple of years named Jex. Jex was killed by another pirate after two years of dating which drove Lydean to anger, she lashed out and tapped into the force for the first time and crushed the mans head. From then on she was the most feared person on the Run.

The time was right and Rive came to retrieve her and told her false truths about her upbringing claiming to be a friend of her parents, feeding on her emotions she agreed to learn the ways of the dark side. While he trained her she grew a fascination with Sith Alchemy, specifically the fusion of flesh and machine into cybernetic force organisms. With her engineering skills she fashioned a pair of adjustable saber tonfas with hilts made from a heavy carbon alloy to allow herself more diversity in a modified version of Jar’kai and Makashi forms of Lightsaber combat for quick striking and fast moving of her sabers.

However when Soren was appointed Dark Lord of the Sith, she felt betrayed. She confronted Rive about this as she wanted to become the Dark Lord and now she would have to wait longer for it to happen. Rive told her she wasn’t strong enough to ever become the Dark Lord and she should focus on her alchemy and engineering to provide him with the ability to continue to strengthen their empire. This angered her and she attack Rive who defeated her handily with a surge of Force Lightning tossing her off of a high cliff on Korriban, thinking her dead he left it be.

She awoke, barely alive as she crawled her way back to a hanger using manipulation to trick the pilots into taking her from Korriban and placing her into a Bacta tank where she healed. Angered and wanting vengeance she had them take her to the planet of Utapau, where she fought and defeated a powerful Pau’an Jedi Guardian named Veron Suul, a fierce battle she used her trickery and alchemical abilities to infect him with a disease that weakened him to the point of near death and used the force to preserve the flicker of life that was left. Before the other Jedi of the Enclave could find them she took him off planet to a secret laboratory she established in the bowels of Coruscant where she turned him into a cybernetic organism which she called Zero-XT. She replaced his brain with a thinking computer that could still connect with his body for him to be able to still use the force. She programmed him with the full knowledge of the dark side and tapping into dark side abilities as she tested him heavily, his armor looking menacing she would use him to destroy Rive and his Sith and ruin their plans however she could. She bided her time, waiting for a good time to strike.

Lydean Monn

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