Merthis Fett

Mandalorian Bounty Hunter


Clad in Mandalorian armor of a yellow color from head to two. Wearing what looks like a jet pack, twin blasters in black holsters, rocket launchers on his wrists.


Probably one of the most infamous Bounty Hunters of this era he is reknowned for using any means neccessary to get a target, no job is to small or to big or to corrupt. A wife wants vengeance on her husband? Check. Someone wants the Supreme Chancellor removed? Check. No one has ever seen Fett’s face nor what he looks like. But they know his reputation and what he does. A wide berth is given to him wherever he goes and he takes jobs from anyone who has the cash. No one knows where he was born, how old he is or what his goals are in the least. Only he does. He is Merthis of the Clan Fett at a time in the galaxy where Mandalorians are at an all time low, and he’s doing what he must to survive.

Merthis Fett

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