Orion Kanis

Stout Jedi Guardian


Wearing traditional Jedi robes that are the color of Black and white with black pants and boots he also has a single saber with a blue colored blade. short buzz cut of the hair with sharp facial features just like his twin brother, Venturi.


Orion and his brother Venturi were twins born to their parents on Onderon, sons of a Beast Master father and a noble woman of Iziz their affinity to the force was apparent enough at birth that the Council sent someone right away to see to them. Their parents were proud that there sons were chosen as Jedi and gladly sent there sons away with the ambassador from the council out of joy in which Orion was able to visit his family from time to time when he became a Knight. Their training went well and then they were both given as Padawans to Curzon Shen-do who taught them in the ways of the living Force using unorthodox tactics and tricks to achieve piece in hostile situations across the galaxy neither Orion or Venturi saw eye to eye with their master. Orion however followed Master Shen-do’s view of he Force and knew that his master was merely a bit eccentric and not evil as he trained in higher forms of saber combat and practiced Forms V and VI to a high degree even a bit of Juyo but not to much as to not solely depend on it.

Orion detected that his twin was edging towards darkness earlier then Curzon did, though Curzon just thought Venturi needed time when Orion brought it up to him. Both of them however didn’t get to Venturi in time as he became enraged on Ryloth when once again Curzon organized peace through methods that might seemingly see deceptive to others and something a darksider would do and struck down the leader of the clan and started the war over again. He ran from Curzon and Orion before they could stop him, stole a ship and escaped, then Orion and Curzon themselves had to run from the clan of the leader that was slain and had to re-establish peace two years later by bringing an apology for Venturi’s crime and a new peace was forged.

However, Orion is haunted by the falling of his brother who had done everything with him since they were born and now abandoned him to join the dark side of the force. Rumors abound that a fierce Dark Jedi has been popping up on different planets causing havoc for the locals. Venturi always had a strong affinity to the Force and could push himself to extreme limits, Orion could to but he instead honed the Force to help him serve the good and just. He knows that one day he’ll have to face his brother perhaps, maybe even end him before his evil continues. But he hopes that he will be able to save him and bring him back to the light.

Orion Kanis

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