The Exchange

Galaxy wide Crime Syndicate


Major Intergalactic Crime Syndicate.


The Exchange has been the major galactic crime syndicate for some time, this would be before the Hutts got tired of tolerating their existance and wiped them out so during this time period the Exchange and the Hutts are at constant control of the criminal underworld of several planets, most notably Coruscant and Nar Shadaa, as well as key locations in backwater planets such as Tatooine and mining operations on Kessel.

Bringo M’donas, the current leader of the Exchange is plotting something big, the Hutts keep an ever watchful eye on his movements. Employing some of the most dangerous mercenaries in the galaxy the Exchange is its own force and those who trifle with their members should be wary.

Bringo is a Human with a mean streak. If he has his way he will destroy whole towns and enslave all the women and kill all the children if he has to to get what he wants out of his business. Tired of the constant Republic dislike of his activities he’s even boldy stormed Republic Warships patrolling the Outer Rim which has caused outcry in the Senate and a high demand for his head.

The Exchange

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