Venturi Kanis

Dark Jedi Assassin


Looking exactly like Orion, Venturi however is dressed in much darker garb, tattered and ripped clothing a sign of his menacing visage. Like his brother he has a single saber except Crimson. His outfit is made up of grays and blacks and is tattered in several places.


Venturi had been using his well earned time on leave to go to Korriban at the summoning of Darth Blight and Darth Scythe unbeknownst to Curzon and Orion. They would train him in deadly saber combat and how to expand upon his affinity to push the Force to unseen limits and play on his frustration with his masters deceitful ways and practices of the living Force and in time he grew to want and desire the same power they had.

So on Ryloth right as they had established peace between the warring clans, Venturi’s outburst caused the death of one of the clan leaders where he made his final decision to turn to the Dark Side. He ran from his brother and master as they had to run from an angry mob of Twi’leks. He continued his training under Blight and Scythe until they decided he was ready to be let loose on the galaxy. Now he is going around from planet to planet wreaking havoc on key organizations for their own purposes to someday use him against Darth Soren when the time came as Soren has no idea of Venturi’s existance.

Venturi is angered that Orion did not come with him as they had done everything together as brothers and swears to himself that if he has to he will kill Orion for the sake of the dark side.

Venturi Kanis

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