Zayla Prinn

Happy go lucky Sharpshooter


Purple Skin with blue hair and tight fitting clothing with knee high black boots, carries around a thigh blaster and a long blaster rifle. Her clothing is usually purples and yellows.


She left her home world of Zeltros when she grew up and decided to seek the thrills the galaxy had to offer. She ran with several different Pirate groups ending up on Nar Shadaa as she found the criminal life was the best way to get around. That’s where she ran into Brandon Flynn and nursed him back to health.

The two went into business together and fell in love. Getting a ship called The Echo they travel around the galaxy doing jobs. She is usually the sniper as he goes in to do his business she waits, ready to take out an enemy if something goes wrong with her long blaster rifle keeping enemies in her sights.

Zayla Prinn

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