Cyborg Sith


Covered in metal alloys one would think him a droid if they didn’t look twice since he moves like a humanoid, claws come off the tips of his fingers made of sharp metallic strong alloys resistant to light sabers. He carries the light sabers of several Jedi he has slain. He is truly scary and a vision of nightmare.


He was a Jedi Knight, found and killed by Lydean Sith Alchemist. Only the Jedi Order knows who he was before the transformation but all information of him has appeared to have been erased. He is just Zero-XT now, no voice and no real mind of his own. More machine then man. Able to adapt to every situation in microseconds, able to adapt all fighting styles with his light sabers knowing all seven of the main forms and able to switch on the fly. He is faster then a normal humanoid and far more agile. He is able to use the force to destructive ends due to the algorithms that control the midi-chlorians in his body in his cybernetic brain with Sith magic.


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